Praia a mare is a village of 6.871 inhabitants in the province of Cosenza. The origins of the name probably derive from "Palaga Sclavorum", that is the Sclavoni or Schiavoni beach, from the traffic of men and goods that took place along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Historically, in the territory of Praia have been made ancient findings, dating back to the Upper Paleolithic (between 35,000 and 10,000 years b.C.), including tools made from flint and obsidian. Given its position, it has always been a port of great importance, as it is located on what were the main trade routes of the Tyrrhenian Sea, although for centuries it was part of the nearby mountain municipality of Aieta.


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what to see and what to do in Praja a Mare

When you visit Praia a Mare you cannot fail to visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Grotta, so named for its position inside a natural cave: according to legend, the statue of the Madonna was abandoned by a Christian captain in command of a Turkish merchant, and a dumb boy, who used to take shelter in the cave, found it and ran to the village and gave the news of the find, speaking for the first time; later the statue was brought to the Mother Church, but at night the statue disappeared to be found in the cave where it is still today. Every year, in August, the statue is carried in procession through the streets of Praia for three days. The Rocca di Praia, a 14th century fortress built by the Normans, and the Torre di Fiuzzi, 15 meters high and built on the cliff of Fiuzzi, one of the largest in the area, built to defend against the Saracen raids, also worth a visit.
But Praia is known above all for being one of the countries of the famous Riviera dei Cedri, which takes its name from the numerous cultivations of this citrus, which color the valleys of a beautiful green. The sea here is of breathtaking beauty, and alternates natural cliffs and inlets to long stretches of sandy beaches. 
To see the Municipal Museum, with a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art by Italian and foreign artists with more than two hundred works on display.

The coast and the Dino's Island

praia mare dino island
The island of Dino, which can be defined as the largest rock of the Mediterranean or the smallest island of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the perfect place for boat trips, which allow you to swim in crystal clear waters, to snorkel to admire the seabed, particularly rich in marine vegetation and fish. On the Island of Dino there are also many cliffs and caves, including the Grotta delle sardine, the Grotta delle Cascate and the Grotta Azzurra. For those who love diving, the sea here is a real paradise: here are in fact submerged caves and tunnels, such as Grotta Gargiulo, 18 meters below the surface of the sea and, if you go up to Scalea, you can explore the submerged wreck of the merchant Lilliois, 60 meters deep. But in Praia there is not only the sea, because not far from the coast is the Pollino National Park, the perfect place for those who love trekking and hiking, even on mountain bikes, and given the varied nature of the park, there are many activities that can be practiced inside it, from mountaineering, to rafting, cross-country skiing (here are peaks that exceed 2,000 meters), river tubing and caving; in this regard it is worth visiting the Grotta del Romito, a site dating back to the Neolithic Age, of particular interest for the many findings and graffiti that characterize it.
Throughout the summer, especially on weekends, the promenade comes alive with stalls of all kinds, which invite tourists to a moonlit walk.
In PRAIA A MARE there are also several attractions, especially for children: water parks on the beach of Fiuzzi and a playground on the waterfront with Go Kart tracks, minigolf, bumper cars with inflatable boats and more.


where is PRAJA A MARE and how to get there


BY CAR - Exit Lagonegro Nord-Maratea of the A2 Motorway of the Mediterranean and then continue on the State Road 585, then continue to State Road 18 for the center of Praia a Mare.

BY TRAIN: Praja-AietaTortora station

BY BUS - Local and regional bus lines from Lagonegro, Cosenza, Maratea. Bus stop in Praja for interregional and international bus lines (see BUS)

Useful Info and Contacts

city Hall

Piazza Municipio,1 
Tel. +39 0985 72353

Health Services
First Aid - Praja a  mare  Hospital - tel. 119
URGENT CARE - Via Santo Stefano- Tel. +39 0985 704327

km from Maratea: 5
Altitude: 5 m asl 
Post code: 87028
phone prefix: 0985
Inhabitants: praiesi


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