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Nemoli is a town of 1,501 inhabitants in the province of Potenza. The first settlements date back to the 5th century b.C., as evidenced by the discovery of some bronze statuettes representing animals or warriors. The first permanent settlement dates back to the Middle Ages, when Nemoli was called "Il Bosco", from the Latin "nemus olim", which means "once a forest" to witness the fact that in ancient times it was surrounded by chestnut, oak and alder woods. In this period, Nemoli was under the control of the city of Lauria, and then became part of the territory of Rivello. With the beginning of the construction of the consular road "delle Calabrie", in 1806, there was a noticeable increase in population and economic well-being, in addition to the development of mills, ironworks and rams.

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what to see and what to do in Nemoli

It is worthwhile wandering aimlessly through the narrow streets and alleys with arcades and bleachers characteristic of Nemoli to admire the palaces of 1700, with the lodges and decorated portals: among these Palazzo Fizzola, with the loggia in Napoleonic style and the stone portal. Also interesting is the water mill, the only one in the entire Valle del Noce (Noce River Valley).
In addition to being a truly picturesque country, Nemoli is on the border of the Lucano Val D'Agri Lagonegrese National Park, the ideal place for all those who love outdoor activities. Inside the Park it is possible to do trekking, hiking and simple walks, even on mountain bikes, along the many paths that run through it, from which you can admire plants and animals that have found their natural habitat inside of the Park, thanks to its differences in altitude, ranging from 300 to 2005 meters,  and among these hares, foxes, badgers, kites and ravens, to name but a few. Very beautiful the itinerary that leads to Lake Sirino, where it is possible to do sport fishing, or those that lead to the Sambuco and Torbido rivers sources, from where you can admire a wonderful landscape. 

Also at the Sirino Lake there is an interesting attraction for young and old dedicated to geology: MICROMONDO, a thematic route with workshops to discover and learn more about our planet. Info on MICROMONDO

On Monte Sirino there are also some ski resorts where you can practice cross-country skiing, downhill skiing but also snowshoeing. For those who like to go rafting, along the river Noce it is possible to go down in kayak and canoe. But Nemoli is not only hiking in unspoiled nature or winter sports: it is located just a few kilometers from Maratea, a town renowned for its beautiful beaches, rich in caves and inlets, from which you can do snorkeling or scuba diving.

Events in Nemoli

Various events take place in Nemoli: together with the Carnival, usually between the end of February and early March, there is the Polenta Festival, a festival of ancient origins, during which five quintals of polenta are prepared, seasoned with spicy sausage and bacon with red pepper, all accompanied by local wine producers, while in the streets of the village parade allegorical floats and traditional masks, the Frazzuogn, who dance the tarantella. On the occasion of Corpus Domini, the second Sunday after Pentecost, the course of Nemoli is covered with a carpet of flowers arranged to form sacred images, along which the procession passes; in the Christmas period, from December 24 to January 6, in the square is lit a bonfire powered by large trunks that will be kept on for the duration of Christmas holidays: the roots of this festival are ancient and date back to the pagan era but were later acquired by the Christian religion. Around this big fire stands are set up with typical products, with the musical accompaniment of ciaramelle and bagpipes.

The musical show LA SIGNORA DEL LAGO ( Mylady of the lake) is very exciting: you can watch the Saturday and Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. during the whole summer season (and in August also on Friday),
Games of light, water games, special effects and a cast of over 60 people including actors and dancers for a "fantasy" musical set in the southern locations of Basilicata and set up in the spectacular night scenery of Lake Sirino.  
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where is Nemoli and how to get there


BY CAR - Exit Lagonegro Nord-Maratea of the A2 motorway of the Mediterranean and then continue on the State Road 585 and:

1) the Provincial Road 45 for the center of Nemoli
2) the State Road 19 to Lake Sirino from which you can also get to the center (from the East).

BY BUS - Local and regional bus lines from Lagonegro, Potenza, Maratea.

Useful Info and Contacts in Nemoli

city Hall
Piazza Umberto I
Tel. +39 0973 40001
Pro Loco of Nemoli 
(association promoting local culture and tourism)
Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie, 2
Telephone +39 0973 40001

Health Services
Municipal Surgery - Via Regina Margherita - Tel. +39 0973 40024
URGENT CARE - Via Regina Margherita - Tel. +39 0973 40024

Km from Potenza: 100
Km from Matera: 150
km from Maratea: 18
Altitude: 450 meters above sea level
Post code: 85040
phone prefix: 0973
Inhabitants: Nemolese


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