STUDIO D'ARTE 15 - Cesena

Space Exhibits studio d' arte 15

Studio d'Arte 15 in Cesena is an exhibition space linked to the study by the artist Alessandra Cocchi.
The room has a great visibility from the outside as it overlooks a large window on a traffic route that crosses the city.
The environment is harvested, characterized by very well preserved remains of the ancient Malatestian walls, particularly suitable for personal exhibitions.
Expositive instrumentation is very rich, with movable steel rails and wires, fitted with removable and modular supports, excellent lighting with adjustable and spotlights.
This furniture allows you to get customized outfits to enhance the work you are exposed to.


 subborgo Eugenio Valzania, 15
47521  Cesena FC
 Centro storico - Porta Santi 

Days and opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 17.00-19.00

Inauguration: 2011 - Personnel per year: 6
Near the gallery:
  • Local public transport
  • Free parking
  • toll parking
Services offered in the gallery:
  •   Access for disabled people
  •   painting
  •   sculpture
  •   New media
  •   Internal installations


Consultancy services offered: organization of private and corporate collections

Permanent artists: Alessandra Cocchi
Won prizes and or performed performances: Contemporary Day 2012; 2015; 2016
We attended the following fairs: Forlì Paint 2012

Short directions to the property: Via Emilia via Fiorenzuola direction center