Sapri is a village of 6.707 inhabitants in the province of Salerno. The origins of the name are uncertain, while it is known for certain that in Roman times it was a well-known commercial port and a renowned holiday town, given its position at the center of the Gulf of Policastro; Cicero called it "little gem of the southern seas". Unfortunately, at a certain point the spread of an unhealthy and marshy environment made the settlement disappear, until the 17th century when, with the construction of the Marinella village and the church of San Giovanni Battista, the village of Sapri was reborn.


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Its notoriety in modern times is due to the poet Luigi Mercantini who, in his poem on the "Spigolatrice di Sapri" tells the expedition of Carlo Pisacane, landed here in 1857. In memory of the landing an obelisk was erected in Largo dei Trecento, while a Pisacane statue is located in the garden of the Villa Comunale. Impressive the Church of the Immaculate, of 1730, positioned in one of the main squares of the village, with the bronze portal that represents the gulf of Sapri. Very pleasant to walk through the streets of Marinella, the ancient historical center of Sapri, still on a human scale, with many streets where you can only go on foot because it is too narrow for modern cars.

For lovers of the sea, Sapri is certainly the ideal place, given its central position on the Gulf of Policastro: just consider that this area has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its beauty. Here the sea is breathtakingly beautiful, and alternates with natural cliffs and inlets to long stretches of sandy beaches. It is possible to take boat trips to reach hidden coves where you can swim in crystal clear waters and snorkel to admire the sea floor, particularly rich in marine vegetation and fish. But Sapri is not just sea: it is in fact very close to the National Park of Cilento where there are many trails for lovers of trekking and hiking, with routes of varying length and difficulty: these include the Capello Waterfall, one of the most beautiful natural treasures of Cilento, so called because the waters of the river Bussento are divided into thin threads, also called the Hair of Venus. Another place that deserves a visit is the Pertosa Caves, about an hour from Sapri: these extend for about 3,000 meters inside the Alburni Mountains, and are the only speleological site in Europe where you can sail an underground river, the Negri.

Events in Sapri


Among the events taking place in Sapri during the year we mention Sapri Jazz Waves, at the end of July, with concerts and jam sessions by Italian and international artists; in mid-August the historical commemoration in memory of the landing of Carlo Pisacane, with a historical procession through the streets of the city that attracts every year many visitors from all over Italy. In December, as has become a tradition, the Christmas Market is set up along the streets of the center, with stands for local handicrafts and typical products, perfect for Christmas gifts.

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where is SAPRI Vand how to get there


BY CAR - Padula-Buonabitacolo exit of the A2 motorway of the Mediterranean

BY TRAIN: Padula Station (Temporarily suspended line: substitute bus services from Salerno)

BY BUS - Local and regional bus lines from Naples and Salerno Stop at Sala Consilina (7 km) for interregional and international bus lines (see BUS)

Useful Info and Contacts

city Hall
via Villa Comunale,1
Tel. +39 0973 605511

Health Services
First Aid - Hospital . Via Verdi tel. 0973 6090111  - tel. 118
URGENT CARE - Palazzo De Crescenzo" in Via Fenosa  tel. +39 0973 609201 

km from Maratea: 18
km from Salerno: 150
Altitude: 5 meters above sea level
Postal Code: 84073
phone prefix: 0973
Inhabitants: sapresi


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