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ORTIGNANO RAGGIOLO is a small village of 878 inhabitants in the province of Arezzo, which was born from the fusion of the villages of Ortignano and Raggiolo. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy and its origin is very ancient: it was founded by the Goths or the Longobards around the 7th century, and the name probably means "borderline". Ortignano Raggiolo is located between the Tuscan hills, in the Casentino and Pratomagno area. Situated at the intersection of the territories of Florence and Arezzo, Ortignano Raggiolo was home to numerous battles and power changes until, in 1440, his Castle was burned and sat completely to the ground for not being rebuilt. The hamlet slowly returned to life only towards the 16th and 17th centuries and has the appearance it still has today with small stone houses and paved streets, with colored balconies flourishing during summer. Of the medieval period remained the facade of the church dedicated to San Michele, once the palace of Count Guidi, which still retains the wonderful Gothic portal surmounted by the coat of arms of the Wool Art of Florence.

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Ortignano Raggiolo is an good solution for those who want to break away from the frenzy of everyday life and who love unspoiled nature. Like all the villages that rise in the Pratomagno, Ortignano Raggiolo is also an excellent starting point for numerous walks, some more demanding, if you want to climb to the ridge of the Pratomagno, and others more quiet with the trails that stay closer to the village . Among these we point out 
  • the Diavolina Source Footpath, which leads to a small spring in the wood whose waters have diuretic and purifying properties; 
  • the Mercatella Trail that crosses a torrent allows you to tour the village and return to one of the ancient accesses; 
  • finally, the one that start from the Umbrian Bridge, on the river Teggina, and leads to the nearby village of Quota.


Many events animate the village of Ortignano Raggiolo throughout the year: 

  • the Chestnut Festival that is held every year at the end of October. On the occasion of the Feast you can taste many sweet and savory dishes made of chestnuts, all accompanied by the unmistakable vin broule (a sort of mulled flavoured wine) and the old tales that are made in the evening at the "Seccatoio dei cavalieri", still used today for the choking of the chestnuts . The Seccatoio is also part of the Chestnut Museum's route, which continues to the "Mulino di Morino", still working.
  • Finally, we would also like to remind you the fun "Weekend with Delitto" for parties such as Halloween, New Year's Eve and beyond, especially suitable for being set in a village like Ortignano Raggiolo with its stone alleys and woods; a great opportunity to spend a different weekend, maybe with friends, in the picturesque setting of a beautiful Tuscan village. 

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