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LORO CIUFFENNA is a village of 6.000 inhabitants in the province of Arezzo, and is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. 

Its origins are very old, probably dating back to the Etruscan period, and its name appears to be derived from “laurus”, laurel and the name of the river Ciuffenna, which in turn derived from “Clufennus”, a Roman character but of probable Etruscan origin, or from the Etruscan "cefa", which means deer. 

Like many other villages in the area, Loro Ciuffenna remained for various years under the control of the Count Guidi, becoming part of the Florentine Republic later, but its economic importance is growing mainly between 1400 and 1500, under the domination of the family de 'Medici.

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  • The village of Loro Ciuffenna was probably born around the ancient medieval humpbacked bridge, once it was the only one to cross the river Ciuffenna; the bridge is still in good condition today, and from here you can admire a beautiful view of the village. 
  • Beyond the brigde, is very important the still functioning water mill, probably dating back to around 1100, which is still used for chestnut, in order to obtain chestnut flour. 
  • You can see the medieval origin of Loro Ciuffenna by its architecture: small streets that intertwine in a continuous uphill, with the church of Santa Maria in the dominant position, as well as the clock tower, which were part of the ancient castle. Walking through the borough streets is beautiful, you still breathe a calm that is now hard to find in big cities, and to be somewhat submerged in this magical atmosphere,
  • it is worth coming to nearby Pieve di Gropina, one of the most beautiful of Tuscany, of Romanesque style. An early Christian church and a longobard building have been incorporated; its interior is divided into three naves, with columns surmounted by beautiful decorated capitals.
  • For those who love walking it is worth remembering the path that crosses the River Ciuffenna in which, during summer, is also possible to swim, but there are also many roads and paths that can be cycled along Pratomagno ridge. 
  • The roads around Loro Ciuffenna are also suitable for motorcyclists, as they are full of beautiful panoramic curves, and to admire a breathtaking panorama of the crags that characterize this part of the territory, you can get to the small village of Anciolina, with its ancient stone houses, and Rocca Ricciarda, at almost 1000 meters of altitude, surrounded by so many legends, and the Borro, perched on a rocky spur, definitely deserve a visit.
  • The Venturino Venturi Museum, which collects the works of the local artist, wood and bronze sculptures, ceramic sculptures, and drawings and stone portraits is worth watching.


The most important events are definitely 

  • the Trout Festival, on April 25, with a fishing contest in the Ciuffenna stream and the final grilling on the streets of the village; 
  • the “estate lorese”, which animates the village with concerts, wine and gastronomic stands and outdoor cinemas, vintage car shows and organized walks, even at night, on the Setteponti road. 
  • Not to be missed, due to the richness of the land, the polenta festival at the beginning of August, 
  • the Half-Summer Fair, in mid-August, with food and wine stands and local craft stands, 
  • the Wine Festival, between the end of September and the beginning of October, 
  • the one of olive oil, in December 
  • chestnut Festival, at the end of October (try the rabbit with sausage and chestnuts and chestnut polenta with ricotta or pecorino, it's worth it!).

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