Basilicata, beautiful discovery!

Does Basilicata exist?

As the protagonist, played by Rocco Papaleo in the Basilicata Coast to Coast film, Basilicata exists and is a good news because we are talking about one of the most interesting Italian and European regions to discover.
Lucania, as it is also called, was known until half a century ago only as a land of poverty and economic and social backwardness, first thanks to the myth of brigandage, then with the writings of Carlo Levi, and thus with the discovery of the national shame of Matera and in the sixties with emigration. 
Land of a few souls, only six hundred thousand inhabitants, equal to a confrontation in a single district of Rome, and with a territory of more than eighty percent mountainous or hilly, the Basificata has been able to maintain its freshness and genuineness both in nature which has been preserved in spite of oil discoveries, both in the character of people, always shy and never presumptuous or arrogant.
A people who are proud to live in a happy island with regard to the mafia and for this reason they want to aspire to be a different South, clean and able, for example, to be able to make the most of any development opportunities.

the Land of the Parks

With a great deal of attention to nature witnessed by the fact that it hosts, despite the very limited regional territory, two National Parks and various regional parks. The Pollino National Park is the largest in Italy and also touches Calabria; the second is that of the Val D'Agri, where there is also the largest oil field in the south of Europe, is true, but the impact is so small that you do not notice it. 
On the other hand, Lucania's other natural wealth is water. And you see it by turning on the great roads that cross it from west to east and sooner or later pass by large lakes and / or dams; all four major Lucania rivers have at least one lake, artificial or natural, and they are all beautiful to visit.
A land also bathed by salt water, that of the two seas, the Tyrrhenian with the Ionian in the mat, with a first-class tourist-accommodation that unites the great attraction of Matera with its Sassi, the National Parks and other lesser but less interesting cultural destinations, makes Basilicata one of the coolest destinations in recent years.


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