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ItalGuide © gives you the necessary information for your travel and the tools to achieve them.
  For each destination you can learn about things to do and see, what to eat and where to sleep.
You can book licensed tourist guides, digital guides for the disabled and treasure hunts based on tourist routes.


Our mission is to offer you , in a unique box,  the informations and the tools to organize your journey, in a  simple and integrated way. 

Because we are sure that the fun already starts in planning the details of your holiday.

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 Three Men on the Bummel

What we want,” said Harris, “is a change.” 

The opening of Three Men on the Bummel, Jerome K. Jerome, clarifies the tone of this "Guide of Guides", if possible different from various other publications that deal with travel, art and culture in tourism; it is addressed to a different tourist.
Without the unlikely goal of searching for inner peace, not only with the desire to know the world to admire the natural beauty and art but especially with the need to "escape" without forgetting the health and the respect for nature .
The sheer escapism, to be realized far from home as well as across the ocean.


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